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Discoing Coat Lovers



Greetings, old friends. (if you're still out there :P) It's been 78 million years since I've been around, even longer than the 65 million year absence that I spoke of in the previous entry!

I guess being back to just one job and the return along with being single again and many other things has given me more spare time to spend on other things....and nostalgia has once again brought me back to my old home here at BZP.


I have moved to the Twin Cities in the Minnesota...and betrayed my old Wisconsin background! :o I also find it really weird adjusting to changes to the board like facebook being allowed and many other changes (such as the sad fact of the old forums being gone). I was offered a promotion and have moved to Minneapolis to be the team lead at a Target Mobile in Woodbury. First time I've ever lived anywhere but my home town! A lot of big changes and being super poor, but it's been fun. Had a lot of working several part time jobs, having a crazy year of being 21, ending a several year long relationship at the en of the year, and then getting promoted and moving for a fresh start in the last month. If you want to buy a phone pop on in! ;p


I still really want to write a last chapter to Mata Nui High School and end it with the graduation and start to college like I always planned. I had originally planned to immediately follow it up with Mata Nui University, but obviously that's not going to happen now. I'll be lucky and happy to just finish the one comedy. lol I've always had the ending in mind, just never typed it out or filled in every little detail. There were always 2 or 3 possible endings and anyone who has read the old comedy probably has an idea of the possibilities or the main plot lines that could lead to different endings in the rom-com driven plot line. :P I've always been a sucker for high school drama and character development but only like writing sarcastic and stupid comedy material....to a fault where it's either too comedicly driven or too dramatic. Eh, the old readers enjoyed it in the now unreadable original post xP I'll dig out my old saved files some day though and post them up with the final chapter which is...still only half finished heh heh...


I'm still just discoing through life as the manly coat lover I am. Pretty happy to see BIONICLE back on the store shelves! Also super tempted to add to my need to have every green BIONICLE....and get the next iteration of the best one ever. Aka Lewa. Something else I wouldn't mind coming back while on the topic of nostalgia...some how the Drome Racing Challenge. ;)


Highlights as of recent times....I got to meet Relient K and talk with the Matts! Got a signed T and picture with Matt T at the 10th anniversary tour of Mmhmm! Met a lot of great people in the last year, got to see my older bro get married, see the return of BIONICLE, and yeeeaahhhh....


Great shows I'm currently keeping up on!


- Supernatural

- New Girl

- Doctor Who

- Archer

- Brooklyn Nine Nine

- Agents of Shield


Now that I've moved, don't know anybody really yet, and only have a regular 40 hour full time job, I have a lot more time on my hands. I have been catching up on all my gaming! I still have my 360. Now I also have an Xbox One, Wii U, and 3DS! Also been playing a lot of Marvel Heroes. But anyway, what are all you guys up to these days? Anyone I know (or knows me anymore) still around?? How've you been? I'd love to catch up! Just to lay down the law....Pepsi. Windows. Android. Xbox. Relient K. Disco. Coats. All the way still.



So anyway, peeps, scream at me about your lives if you happen to pop in and waste your life inside of my blog and inside of my mind! Also never forget that disco is (an will never NOT be) totally in this year.


-Jordboy1 :miru:


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Good heavens, another blast from the past member returns.

And he's come to my state.


I used to work at a Target.

No, I don't want a new phone.

Takuma Nuva

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the relient k mmhmm X tour came like two and a half hours away from me


I learned about it literally two days after it happened


*shakes fist*


Welcome back! I remember you from back in my more stalkerish days. =P

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@Neo *discos*


@Takuma I'm stalking you. I'm close...I can feel it. Not long now before I am GPS tracking you.


@Major Maes that's slightly disturbing, also sorry I wasn't very exciting to stalk ;p Too bad about the concert though!


-Jordboy1 :miru:

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Then I must question what you've been sinking all your skill points into.
Please tell me it isn't omphaloskepsis.

Takuma Nuva

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Unfortunately mostly heavy armor and health restoring....also trying to become a werewolf, so to your point not much that would help me find you.

Probably what I've spent the most in though is my disco perk tree.


-Jordboy1 :miru:

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