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LEGO Reveals Flavoured Constraction Sets



Did everyone else see the announcement LEGO just made? From the second half of 2015 onwards, all constraction sets are to be edible. Colour will correlate to flavour, so we'll end up with cherry-flavoured Tahu sets, Blueberry-flavoured Gali sets, Chocolate flavoured Pohatu sets, et cetera.


A bold move, indeed. Apparently, this to increase safety amongst the younger range of Constraction fans. Well, I can't wait to taste the new Skull sets and the sets of next year!


I hope nobody's done this before, or I'm a fool

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I would be much cooler with this announcement if it meant that the prices dropped. 


As it is I now have to buy like four of each set 


and that is just ridiculous!

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That's lame. Everybody knows there's no real blue foods. That Gali flavor is a joke. They're probably also going to be all sugar and empty calories. Back in my days we just chewed on the ABS plastic and LIKED IT!



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