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Crazy Life Update

Kaleidoscope Tekulo


So, came out to my parents (kinda sorta. Like, I didn't say it straight out, but they kiiinda put the pieces together that I'm queer at the very least). My dad isn't too thrilled, but he understands the science behind it, and he was actually kinda supportive with my mom. Weird.


I really don't think I'm in a good place to start dating just yet anyway, so I don't mind it, really. ^^;


At any rate, I think volunteer work will do me some good to keep active, but I'm going to keep working on getting a job first. A fresh start sounds refreshing, because having your life flash before your eyes and then be living at home is... Well, it can be a little overwhelming, to say the least.


Speaking of volunteer work, I'm donating my hair this month. It is fabulous; a natural curl and a nice dark brown color. I'm going to include a hand-written note if they'll allow it. ^^;


Things at my current job are still weird. I'm even more spacey than usual, and things are getting humid and warm (not great for my lungs with all of the pollen). I've been communicating and tossing ideas around, and it seems like people are acting a little less stressed out around me at least. There are a couple of LGBT+ people at work too, so hopefully they take my advice about the job. Everyone in the kitchen staff during my time there has been more on the artistic and open-minded side of things in general, and we've always been pretty close-knit and had each other's backs. Our issues were almost always completely ignored, though. Not exactly the best situation for someone with anxiety.


The food industry is such a weird one. XD


I have good contacts, though, and, like, every religious person I've spoken to has been surprisingly accepting and willing to listen. Apparently I can be good at this. XD I mean... the situation still isn't great, mind you, but... I mean, if I ever showed up with a guy someday I think the awkward zone would be managable. (Oh geez, I can picture it now... The looks we'd get just holding hands down the street... XD)


My pets have been a huge support too. ^^


I think I have a nice nickname for my future kid; Link. Robin Williams was a huge part of my childhood, and he was a fan of the game series Legend of Zelda. Actually, Ocarina of Time was one of the first video games I really got into, and it helped me bond with my best friend from childhood (like, it was all we would talk about. XD). It's kinda the reason why green became my favorite color (It used to be red). Granted while adopting, it would only be an affectionate term. I think it would be a good reminder while my head is jumping from subject to subject as an adult. ^^;


So... maybe in around... five to ten years? Who knows?

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