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Brickfair VA



I won't be able to go.


I've been putting off this entry for a while, but someone asked me about it last night, and so I guess I finally need to put that out there. I'm working as an intern at a summer camp all next month. In the coming years, where I'll be an actual paid employee, I'll probably be able to take time off to come up, but that's just not an option right now.


And I doubt I'll even be home in time for this, but I'd like for someone to be ready on that Sunday just in case I can find time for a Skype tour.


Edit: If someone who's would be willing to let me mail them a leg so that the Kek Powerizer can be complete again, that would be great.


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That's okay. Brickfair Virginia happens every year (and there are lots of other conventions), so you'll have plenty of opportunities to hang out with fellow BZPower members at a LEGO convention in the future!

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No need to worry, we'll make sure that a Skype tour happens on Sunday.

Also, feel free to mail me the Kek Powerizer leg. We will bring the pieces of the worstbest purchase e'er made at BrickFair.

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