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MakutaFest 2015 and other things



Hey all.


... I haven't posted in awhile. Huh. ANYWAY.


Coming up this Saturday, we've got MakutaFest 2015. Cue the one lonely dude cheering in the back corner. Not that guy, the one next to him that's quieter. I'll be one of the hosts for this upcoming event, and we have plans to giveaway a few sets on the stream via trivia questions and via raffle. For more details, view the video



Likewise, we're also planning to review the Summer 2015 sets as soon as they arrive to us on BS01, and we'll most likely do a giveaway when our Facebook hits 500 likes (we have a Facebook page, by the way) of something. So yeah, it's pretty crazy.


Oh, and I'm still working a lot, too. That's basically a wrapup of my goings-on for now. See you guys on Saturday!


*updated to add FB link... silly Dorek*


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