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On blogging's end.

Rahkshi Guurahk



So today will probably be my last blog post until I either buy premier or next anniversary, I figured I'd cover some random topics.

First off with random acquisitions: I have bought a Novelization of the Doctor Who episode the Sontaran Expirement recently, and a 1920s Buescher Grand Trombone about an hour and a half ago, more on both some time later.

And as I haven't ever explained the schedule in band camp week 2 I will:

8:00-12:00ish: probably a bit earlier: marching, no instruments

*break that is abnormally long this year*

3:30-5:00: sectionals

break again

6:30-9:00 marching with instruments



...So much heat ;_; ...


So yeah that's about it, basically will see you next blogging time.

Oh, and you can expect me back sooner. =D

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