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Life update 8/3



Well, that was a rush.

We just completed Skull Week on BS01's Facebook and Twitter accounts. ​We posted our first wave of reviews of the 2015 Summer Sets (Wave 2) by Dorek, with a slightly modified system. We gained some feedback over the last few months while reviewing the first wave of sets, and took them all to heart. Now I think we are truly ready for the future of BIONICLE. In addition to that, we also gave away a couple of summer sets. We hope to do so again in the future.


In the other news of life, I'm patiently waiting for my shipment of Exploding Kittens (if you don't know what that is, I assure you it's NOT a bad thing... much.) to arrive. I bought the $35 bundle, which if you're in the know, you know what that means :) I intend to play as many rounds as possible until we all get sick of it. But, you never know when that might happen.


Otherwise, it's too hot to do much else, so I'm going to go back to not doing much else.


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