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Things I Want to Happen



(note: most of these pertain to movies, video games, etc. so don't keep reading if that's not yo thang)


I want:


-Marvel Studios to purchase the rights to Fantastic Four back, but do nothing much with the actual Fantastic Four themselves. Rather, give Doctor Doom a solo movie that leads into Avengers 4, in which he's the main villain. In said movie, he's presented at first as a sympathetic child born from tragedy (his mother gets killed in a deal with the devil I mean that kinda sucks). It manages to create a well-rounded character more like the one presented in the comics and includes the advancement of both his magical and technological skill, and the second half deals with how he overthrows the Latverian government and establishes himself as king. So we get both magical, sci-fi, and political intrigue in a movie that's a pretty stark (heh) departure from most comic-book movies.

-Brett Dalton to play Nathan Drake, nonnegotiable

-A television series based off of FTL: Faster than Light. Each episode contains an event or two, and each season is a sector (with the exception of the eighth and last season, which contains both the Crystal Sector and The Last Stand). We get new cast members every season as more crew members are recruited; at the same time, main character deaths are frequent to simulate the heartbreak and utter frustration from the game.

-A weird, action-packed, summer-blockbuster-fun zombie apocalypse movie starring Emma Watson, Anthony Mackie, Ellie Kemper, and Jeff Bridges. It would be gloriously bizarre.

-A has-science-gone-to-far extension of the capture of Mew/creation of Mewtwo, with Dr. Fuji as the main character. Contains themes that pertain to modern genetic research.

-The Heroes reboot to be good.

-Robert Downey, Jr. to guest star on Marvel's Agents of Shield as a lead in to Captain America: Civil War. This is probably the most likely to happen, a lot more likely than the one directly above this one.

-World peace.

-A sequel to Space Jam about the military-industrial complex. This is a joke, but dangit i want more space jam

-Charlize Theron or Emily Blunt as Captain Marvel. Call me mainstream, but I think they'd be good for the role based on what I have heard secondhand and what other people have told me but also slightly maybe my opinion (I really do think they'd be good for it)

-Andy Serkis in everything.

-More hats.


To be honest this started with five or six serious ideas and devolved into a bunch of jokes and random opinions so this is what it's come to I guess, time to procrastinate more for this physics test bye

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-Andy Serkis in everything.
And in his human form with no CGI. Yeah, I get it, he's the motion capture acting God. But I'd like to see his real face every once in a while.

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I only watched a couple episodes, but

is a pretty cute series you might like, if you haven't already heard of it.


Also I had no idea there was Heroes reboot coming!

I think I had heard of it! I'll have to check it out sometime as it seems like it'd be nice. And yeah Heroes Reborn is a mini-series that's gonna air sometime soon-ish. Mostly new main cast plus HRG, and some of the old cast coming back as supporting. I want to be hopeful but the last few seasons of Heroes weren't really to my tastes, so we'll see.

-Andy Serkis in everything.


And in his human form with no CGI. Yeah, I get it, he's the motion capture acting God. But I'd like to see his real face every once in a while.

Certainly, he was one of my favorite parts in Age of Ultron (despite having a really small part) and it would be nice to see him get more credit for his amazing acting work he does. Not to say that I would like to see less CGI Andy Serkis as that is excellent as well :3

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You shut your mouth; Yvonne Strahovski for Captain Marvel.

Unfortunately, I haven't had the pleasure of seeing her in very many shows/movies- I've always meant to watch Chuck though! Bumping that up on my list of things to watch on Netflix.


Anna Torv.

Google search tells me she was on a show called Fringe, which I feel like I've heard of before? I'll have to check that out as well.

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