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Fried Egg on a Burger....

Toa Smoke Monster


Has anyone else had tried a fried egg on a burger? I've tried it a couple times at one of my local fast food restaurants, and I've found it to be really good. It's not something I eat all the time, but I do it every once in a while for something different.

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Wow. I never thought of that. Sounds amazing!


Next time I order a cheeseburger I'm going to take it back home and try this. Because I've never seen it offered at any resteraunt I've visited.

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Interesting eggsperiement. 


I have no idea - although I'm not the biggest fan of fried eggs, even though I eat them - what this would taste like. I guess I'll have to try it. 

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I've seen this at multiple places but have always thought of the idea as being a high risk/high reward situation. If you love it, then it's great—if not, then it's not all that easy to remove (if you're eating out).

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