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My book covers (plus win a FREE ebook!)



Hello again, everyone. I thought I'd share the covers for some of the books I've published this year. These aren't the covers of all of my books; just the ones I like best. You can also click on each cover to check out each book's page on my website, where you can learn more about whichever book captures your interest.


Let's start with the cover for my fantasy novel, The Mage's Grave, first book in my Mages of Martir fantasy series, available in ebook and trade paperback wherever books are sold:




Next is the sequel, The Mage's Limits, which is also available in ebook and trade paperback wherever books are sold:




Then we move on to the third book, The Mage's Sea, which is also available wherever books are sold:




And to finish off the Mages of Martir series, here is the cover for the fourth and final book, The Mage's Ghost, which is ... well, you know the drill:




Next we move onto the covers for my newest (and still ongoing as of this writing) science-fantasy series, Two Worlds. Here's the cover for the first book, Reunification:




And last, but certainly not least, the cover for my newest novel and the second book in the Two Worlds series, Alliance:




All of the above covers are by the brilliant and talented Elaina Lee of For the Muse Designs.


I'd also like to note that the free ebook raffle I mentioned in the last post is still going until Tuesday, September 8th. So if you'd like to enter for a chance to win a free ebook copy of Reunification in the ebook format of your choice, just comment on this post or the last one saying so and I will add your name to the drawing, which will be done completely at random.

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