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Despite many changes, each of us usually has one profile image that seems to stick in peoples minds. So, when you think of me, which of my avatars comes to mind first?


A. The Wizard. (Used pre-2013.)


B. JIF Natural Creamy (Used as JIF Natural Creamy.)


C. The Glacier (Used for most of 2013 and some of 2014.)


D. Frost Tiger (Used as Blizard Hazard and for most of last year.)


E. My Feet (Used for most of this year.)


I may go back to one of these or I may find something completely new. It kinda depends on the responses I get here. I can edit the actual images in later if need be.


UPDATE: I've decided on this new one, but feel free to leave your thoughts.


Recommended Comments

I waver between JIF Natural Creamy and your feet.
For your next avatar, might I suggest rubbing your feet in JIF Natural Creamy?

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