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The Shocking BONKLE Reveal of 2015



Skull Grinder laughed. It, a mere reanimated skeleton taller than most of the Toa and a very big staff and also a sword for some reason, had defeated all six Toa with little effort, mostly because, as a skeleton, it didn't feel pain. (Skeletons usually don't feel pain.) It didn't have a brain either, but it would prefer not to dwell on the ramifications of being a reanimated skeleton while it was picking on Ekimu, an opponent half its size and with the ability to feel pain. Ekimu was also not at his most powerful, lacking the Mask of Creation which was in Skull Grinder's staff. Skull Grinder waved it around menacingly, and also taunt Ekimu. It also wrote 'YOU SUCK' with its inexplicably appearing-out-of-nowhere and mentioned-never-before laser eyes. Have we established that Skull Grinder is powerful yet? (no, not enough (okay)) Skull Grinder then knocked Ekimu aside with one blow from his staff, sending Ekimu flying, and, frustratingly for Ekimu, sent the gold-blue protector mask flying off of his face. Having won this battle, Skull Grinder walked other to the defeated Toa and laughed skeletoningly.


Tahu, almost unable to breath underneath the rest of the Toa, managed to yell a question: "If you're just a Skeleton... how can you defeat ME, the MASTER OF FIIIIIRRREEEE?"


Tahu then proceeded to explode the other Toa away from Skull Grinder into an inexplicably dangerous place that would be inexplicably safe for them to rest using the power of BIONICLE G2 Episode Animation, and then began to run at Skull Grinder with his lava-swords at the ready, like he had done so many times before. He also didn't have a plan, he was too distracted by Skull Grinder's chin. Tahu, not knowing the bonuses of being a skeleton, wondered if the chin was the source of Skull Grinder's power as Skull Grinder managed to steal his mask with his sword, causing Tahu to drop to the ground.


Skull Grinder then put Tahu's Mask of Fire on its face, draining it of all elemental energy before throwing it back to Tahu because Tahu would inevitably get it back anyway, and also giving the Transparent Orange Mask of Fire a place in G2 Canon as members of the Cult of the Transparent Orange Mask of Fire (COTTOMOF) cheered in the background from nowhere in particular.


Tahu gasped for air, almost crawling towards the location of Lewa before remembering this wasn't G1, and instead had to settle for gasping for jungle. He managed to ask another question, unable to yell it this time, as he was drained of elemental power and one of the abilities of fire was yelling things.


"You're just a Skeleton... I'm more than a Skeleton! My skeleton is better than yours! It has armour!"


Skull Grinder slowly walked towards Tahu, with no facial expression because Skeletons don't have facial expressions because they don't have faces. It knelt down, and stared Tahu in the face behind the mask, silently uttering the most shocking thing Tahu had ever heard since his arrival on Okoto.


"No... I am your Skeleton."


And then Tahu was Skull Grinder.




What if the Skull sets were the skeletons of their corresponding Toa?

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Gali is just an animated suit of armour and a mask without a skeleton


Pohatu became a scorpion the same way Lewa gained two extra arms and Onua sprouted two horns

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