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Hitting the Trail



So in January we took a chance and moved to the San Diego area.


Almost nine months later, we're moving back to Portland. I constantly hear people down here say "I'm so glad I can live in paradise" and I wonder what they're talking about. It's hot- it's always hot. There is no public transit. The sun is always there, always watching, always beaming, always hot. It's miserable. It's hot. People aren't friendy- they are a weird mix of suburban wealth, military base families, and beach-looks-obsessed jerks. Folks on the road all think they are the most important, and the number of times I've felt like I was about to die because a California driver didn't know what the heck they were doing behind the wheel has ballooned into the dozens. This area sucks, everything is too far away, nothing is attainable, and to top it all off, it's expensive. Hideously, ghastly, overbearingly expensive.


We can't afford it anymore, neither financially nor emotionally. We haven't been happy in nine months, which means it's time for a change. We're going home.


In two weeks.


Expect to see even less of me than recently, as we're going to be cutting the cords here and packing and driving and moving. Things will be sporadic until the latter part of October, I expect. Hopefully once that's done and we're back in place, the MOCs will start flowing again because nothing like "you don't have time to build for the next month" to inspire ideas.


Anyway, time to go to bed!


PS: In-N-Out is lame.

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I'm just glad I got the chance to meet you. :(


FTR, while I'm glad of the opportunities that place has afforded me for the present, I will be happy to join the people leaving as soon as I can. Too expensive. 

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I thought you were crazy to move out of Portland to California in the first place. :P


Best of luck on your move, hope everything goes smoothly for ya.



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Pat, I've got to say I've got serious respect for the both of you for recognizing when a situation's not working out. Most people would think moving to California and working at LEGOLand would be the dream, and might stubbornly try to make it work. Good for you for going back to what you know is best.



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The PNW is hard to beat. ;3 I hope the move goes well! Let me know if there's anything I can help with! It makes for a good excuse to take a road trip and scout out housing...

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So this comment is a few days late, but hey, school picking back up and whatnot.


Sorry to hear California wasn't the place for you. I've never lived in another state, so I don't exactly have any other points of reference. (I thought people just universally drove terribly, and didn't know it's mainly a CA thing.)


You should totally make that trip to UCLA you mentioned in those two weeks before you go! Unless you already were by here and I somehow missed it.



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