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I've got an idea for a G&T game.


First thought about a 'Free-for-all' Mafia, but that would be chaos, plus it's already been done.


Then thought about an idea that spun off of that one, except with zamors if you remembered what they did in 2006. Basically, you targeted someone and they then shifted allegiance to you. Anyone they targeted would also ultimately be aligned to you. But that would be chaos, not to mention that that if we assume no two people target the same person, we have a loop of allegiance. Members A-Z all answer to the next member along but Z would end up answering to A who answers to Z who answers to A... yeah, you see the problem with that? And then there's also the problem if two people target each other.


Maybe instead a game called 'Midak Skyblaster'. Everyone gets one, with all four spheres of ammo. Except one's a zamor. Objective? Kill everyone else/as many people as possible with your three spheres capable of killing. Use the zamor to extend your influence beyond those three spheres. Once all the ammunition in the Midak Skyblaster is used, you're basically helpless and can't do anything else.


If two people use zamors on each other they end up dying because of an endless 'I-answer-to-you-and-you-answer-to-me' loop which results in a big green explosion. If someone who's been zamored by someone else and they zamor them or the person that zamored the person who zamored them, they assume the 'top' position. Nobody knows if they've been zamored, though! So, basically, try and get as many kills by killing three people and being at the top of the biggest zamor chain.


It shall be a quick game - you use all of your ammunition when everybody has signed up and the game starts. Then the results are posted and the game ends after about 48 hours or so. 48 hours because this isn't Mafia, but is ultimately inspired by it.


Alright, how does 'Midak Skyblaster' sound as a quick game with those things considered?


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