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Midak Skyblaster, Post-Game Entry



Well, that ended up being a bit more of a mess than I intended.

  1. There were sixteen players. They did not need a total of 48 blasts of light. 32 of those would go unused, maybe one or two more. If there is ever a second game, then you shall probably only get one or two blasts of light. Less redundancy - and easier to keep track of. Plus, the zamors get more important.
  2. Only about half of all players were targeted with zamor spheres. Most of those at least twice.
  3. Kapura's popular with zamor spheres. Lucina, Burnmad, Vox, and RG are also popular with zamor spheres, but not as much,
  4. Zox and Fishers targeted the exact same people with their blasts of light. Zox was quicker to submit.
  5. Only one person failed to submit targets, and that was Burnmad.
  6. Nobody survived! Not a single person went untargeted.
  7. I think a second iteration of the game should be called 'THORNAX LAUNCHER' instead. One thornax, one zamor. Plus, zamors can fit in thornax launchers, and it's easier to say 'PLAYER was hit by a thornax!' than 'PLAYER was hit from a blast of light from a Midak Skyblaster!'.
  8. Still no zombies.

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