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Wall Of History (Muro De La Historia)




ChocolateFrogs inquired about the subject in the latest Meet The Staff episode, calling me "the leading face for the Spanish[-speaking BIONICLE] online community" (which is too kind; I am nothing of the sort).


Nonetheless, it is true that over the past year I've been helping out to give back to the Spanish-speaking community. This has taken the form of a YouTube channel I started last year called El Muro De La Historia, or Wall Of History. I mention it now because I wasn't entirely sure I'd continue doing this for too long. A year later, we've got 75 subs and over 5,000 views, and it doesn't seem like people want us to go away :P


The only video in English we have so far is an interview we did with Kevin Hinkle, which I think all of y'all will enjoy (thanks to Sumiki for being a lovely cameraperson)


I hope this channel can, first and foremost, be a hub of content for the Spanish-speaking BIONICLE and LEGO community. However, I hope the channel expands beyond that main mission. When I return from Oxford I aim to start translating some of our videos in English, in the hopes of also providing to the English-speaking fans (our weekly series where we review the news in the LEGO world is one that I would love to start providing in English). I also hope to continue creating videos that not only share knowledge on conventions, theme parks, and the latest news, but also foster discussion and interest in the toyline we all love.


Feel free to suscribe if you want, though I will warn you that the YouTube subtitle feature will not help with the videos (unless your aim is to get a laugh, in which case I will highly recommend you turn on the subtitles). I can't say where the channel will be in a year, but as long as it allows me to continue helping out the community, I will be glad to welcome whatever comes :)

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@that interview


It makes me happy to hear that LEGO is expanding in South America. LEGO and Bionicle were totally nonexistent while I lived there (believe me, I looked).



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