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There was once a time where I would've said pulp, but I have turned to the no pulp side.


Actually I don't really drink much orange juice at all these days.  That stuff's expensive!

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I guess I need to show up and teach ya foos about the wonders of medium pulp.


because medium pulp is best.


and it makes my rumbly tumbly happy so there

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You know, I once asked a priest that question. He scoffed at the question and immediately left the pulp-it. :trollface:



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well i guess since i only drink orange juice made from one of those juice blender thingies, and pulp's practically unavoidable for that.


i guess i vote pulp because i don't like store bought juice??

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I'd drink it either way, but I think I prefer partial/medium pulp.

I usually make it out of the 100% frozen concentrate though because it's cheapest :v

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