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Spoils of War



And by "war" I mean running a Bionicle event by myself for 30 children.


biobuildnov1.jpg_thumb.jpg biobuildnov2.jpg_thumb.jpg biobuildnov3.jpg_thumb.jpg


Unfortunately, I didn't get any leftover purple limbs. But I got plenty of trans-green and keetorange shells, which means I won't have to buy a second Protector of Jungle (though should BrickLink some of his swords).


Of course, parting out this grab-bag of leftovers makes me think I need to sort out my Bionicle collection again before I actually put these to use. I've got a box full of scrapped MOCs to disassemble before some ideas are realized.


-CF :kakama:

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War... war never changes...


Running a Bionicle event by yourself for 30 children... Running a Bionicle event by yourself for 30 children never changes...

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