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The Empire Gives Back Contest Update



Sooo... ain't gonna lie, if you planned to enter the photo contest right now, your odds of winning General Grievous are looking pretty good right now. Like, very good.


This is a reminder that The Caption and Meme contests will be ending tomorrow night, December 2nd, at 11:59 PM PST. To enter, you simply have to email us an original meme based on Star Wars, or caption the photo below, to biosector01@outlook.com with the name of the contest you're entering in the subject line.




We'll also have news on the Luke Giveaway on our Facebook page very soon!

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I'm working on it... Trying to recreate a Hoth scene... which one, I won' say, but it involves hoth. Though trying to make fake icicles is hard as heck.


Also I suck at making witty captions, have tried. Couldn't create a meme to save my life, and don't know enough about the star wars universe to confidently make a crackpot theory. Afterall I was the star wars superfan in the family, that belongs to my sister. 

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