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Analysis Part 3

B0ss Manducus


After being dead for a week, I'm finally back from the morgue to post this.


Strangely, out of all the sets, only the Bionicles were heavily in pieces .


I couldn't get the best shots of the heavy amount of dust on the figures, but this'll have to suffice.



Let's start off with the Toa Mata. The only guy I'm missing now is Kopaka, but on the flip side, I got another Gali and Tahu.


A lone Kohrak with a Krana Su.


With the exception of Onewa, I have all the Turagas. On a side note, Nuju is missing his head and mask, so I had to improvise. Strangely, most of the rubberbands for these sets dried out, giving them a clay-like hardness. In the end, I had to replace most of the rubberbands with generic bands.


Next off are Nuhvok Va and Lehvak Va. Nuhvok is missing its Krana while Lehvak came with a Ja.


Nothing new with the Toa Nuva here since I already have Lewa, Gali, and Kopaka. Although I did get Pohatu's mask. May his spirit be with us.


And finally the Voya Nui Matorans. I ended up with two Piruks, not that I'm complaining.


Has anyone else noticed that the Raus are comically oversized for the users's head?



And this finally does it for the analysis. I might do more showcasings (they certainly weren't analysis or reviews) whenever I'm able to get a bulk load of Bionicles for a cheap price.


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