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Kaleidoscope Tekulo



I've played with LEGO since I was a kid. It all started with a LEGO City set with a female minifigure I named Megan. I gave her all of the powers of a Powerpuff girl. She fought crime, battled monsters and generally saved the day.


Then one day I decided she should probably have a love interest. So, I picked a fire fighter minifig and named him Jack (because Titanic was a popular romance movie at the time, and that love interest was named Jack, so I figured it would work). While Jack had no special powers of his own, he... well he was indeed a love interest.


Their son, however, grew up into a super smarty smart and built himself a super powered robot suit. But that's getting ahead of myself.


Anyway, I figured it might be neat to write a story about my LEGO collection, starting with my first minifig loves.


Light and Shadow


Beware, it's probably horribly written and super depressing. It is being written by me after all.



~Tekulo <3



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