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I'm moving in ten days. I'll probably make a post about that later, but right now I'm starting to gather my things, and decide what to bring, what to leave here, and what to toss (since I really can't leave much here in storage).


So I guess it's time to say goodbye to the ol' LEGO Magazine collection:


Guess it's not a big deal, since I never read them anyway. I think I'll just keep a few for memories' sake.


I'm also going to throw away a bunch of my Bionicle canisters:


Mostly, I'm going to miss the Stars canisters, and also those Agori boxes. They're really cool boxes and I imagine they're hard to come by. :c But I'm keeping some canisters, namely one of each Bohrok canister, and a couple that have sets in them. I also flattened all my G2 boxes, definitely not throwing those out.


As for my Bionicle collection, I'm leaving that behind, all seven drawers of it. The only actual Bionicle things I'm bringing are my G2 collection, my collectibles (like all my masks and stuff), and a few choice sets. Probably a Bohrok or two. For giggles, here's my G2 collection in parts:


Pretty impressive stack of pieces, I'll say. That is all the 2015 sets, and three from 2016.


Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions for how to dispose of those canisters and magazines, I'd love to hear them. Shame to toss them in the trash, but maybe I can donate the magazines somewhere.


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what if


you give those canisters to me

I was thinking about offering them to someone but they'd be a pain-in-the-Gadunka to ship.


Although, I went through those LEGO Magazines, and scored almost a complete set of the Glatorian comics in mint condition (multiple copies of each, even), so yay. :3

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Part of me is screaming to not throw those magazines away.


The other part is glancing at the huge, falling apart pile of them I have shoved in my closet.

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