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Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India



It's not been long since I last posted and I already beat my next game, Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India.


Maybe it was because China adjusted me to the mechanics, but I did not find this game nearly as difficult. The only real difficulty was self-inflicted, as I chose to make my first run be an attempt at beating the game without killing (because Achievements). I wasn't wholly successful, but it did mean going a little slower at times and being a lot more methodical. It was almost fun heh. Plus it was just a different way of playing for me.


This really was just a re-skin of China, though, which is a shame. I still liked the visuals, maybe a bit more even. India is a lot brighter than China, so that's probably contributing to that feeling some. It's just... literally the exact same game. Although I still wish it had been announced sooner, as I had mentioned in my last haul post, I wonder now if the three-pack physical release of China, India, and Russia would be a good way to experience these games. I should have seen it coming. *sigh* I'm still a guy who like his physical media... But anyways, playing all of them back-to-back would basically be 30 levels of the exact same content and I can actually see that becoming stale fast. So this spacing has probably helped me enjoy India at least just a little bit more.


I'm still playing this game to unlock the rest of the Achievements. So that means I'm in store for a whole lot of grinding and killing. Since I didn't do any during my first run. D'oh! But seriously, that grinding... Ugh so many are grinds. One is to beat in Plus Hard Mode without being seen once. I've already beat two levels that way, and now that I'm fine with killing as well (man I can't imagine trying to combine these two), I don't honestly see it being that hard. Just have to be patient.


Just like its predecessor, I don't feel that Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India is a horrible game, it can just be a little frustrating at times.




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