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Corrin, Bayonetta, and Mew

Toa Smoke Monster


So the other day Corrin and Bayonetta were released for DLC for Smash Bros. I decided to get all of the new DLC released, fighters, stages, and costumes all included. It's the last DLC for the game, so I thought why not?


Bayonetta is a lot of fun to play. Her moves look really cool, especially directional A attacks. Her final smash is also terrifying. :P I can see fighters who like making a lot of combos using her a lot.


But to my personal surprise, I think that I actually like Corrin more than Bayonetta, when I thought that it was going to be the other way around. Corrin has some really good moves too, and I think that he's a lot of fun to play. I was hoping he wouldn't turn out to be a semi-Fire Emblem clone, and I'm glad I was right.


Overall, I don't think either of them will be mains for me like Samus, Mewtwo, and Bowser, but they are more great characters and I'm glad I got them.


In other news, You know how that there is going to be one Legendary Pokemon released every month this year to celebrate Pokemon's 20th anniversary? Well, thanks to this event, I now have a Mew in my Pokemon Omega Ruby game.


I would have never gotten it except for the fact that one of my coworkers went to Gamestop to get something and decided to go ahead and get promotional code for my game. I am very thankful to him for this, since I've never had a Mew before.


But for Pokemon obtained like this, you have to visit a Pokemon Center to get them. And I'm currently at a point in the game where I can't immediately do that. So it could still be a little while before I actually get it, but at least its in my game. :P

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