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Death Star Roll II




Remember quite a few years ago when Binkmeister did a Death Star Roll at BrickCon?*


Let's do that again at BrickFair VA! Except it won't be someone's sacrificed Death Star set. We'll build a sphere out of Stay and Play bricks and find a slope somewhere to roll it down. Maybe put the finishing touches on it at Adult Swim when everyone is already riled up and ready to see something wild.


Let's remember this post in July right as we're ready for BFVA.


-CF :kakama:

*IDK if it was even his or at BrickCon. Could have been at BrickFest PDX, and someone else's set. But then where did I hear about it if not on BZP or TBB?

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I think I remember seeing it at BrickCon one year, but I don't remember if it was Kelly. Could have been though, or maybe it was done more than once.


Maybe this is something to do with those 6000 green 2x4s we apparently have? :P



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