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Metroid List: My Top Ten Favorite Beam Weapons

Toa Smoke Monster


As I stated in this previous blog entry, I wanted to make some ten lists for some of my favorite things from Metroid to celebrate its 30th anniversary. This is the first of a few lists that I plan to make. As the title says, this particular list is my Top Ten Favorite Beam Weapons from the Metroid Franchise. This is based solely on my opinion about these beams. I will list what games they appear in, what they do, and why I like them.


And here we go.


10: Battlehammer


Seen in: Metroid Prime Hunters.


Metroid Prime Hunters wasn't one of the best Metroid games IMO, but I did think it did some things right by the Metroid Franchise. One of those things was having one of the best variety of beam weapons seen in a Metroid. I don't think any other Metroid game had such a diversity of beams as Hunters, and the Battlehammer is one of the better one to me. It is a beam used by the Space Pirate Weavel, which Samus acquires after finding it at the Vesper Defense Outpost. It fires green projectile shots and arc downward when fired and cause a small explosive blast upon impact with whatever it hits.


While the beam doesn't have a charge attack, I think its still cool because shooting it at a foe is like firing explosive shots at them. You can even hold down the fire button on the DS to have the beam repeatedly blast your foes until you release it or until you run out of ammo. The look of its projectiles also makes it one of more unique looking weapons of any Metroid game, which makes me like even more. Plus, I like the idea of Samus stealing weapons from the Space Pirates to use against them. :P


9: Shock Coil


Seen in: Metroid Prime Hunters.


An experimental weapon created by the Galactic Federation that was stolen by the Bounty Hunter Sylux, the Shock Coil is a close range weapon Samus acquires at the Celestial Archives.


Like the Battlehammer, this is another unique weapon in the Metroid franchise. But instead of firing a projectile at your foe, you have to get up close to it, to which the beam then zaps it with a thin beam of electricity.This weapon kind of reminds me of a Sith Lord using his/her lightning attack on a foe, which is why its one of my favorites. Any weapon that can give someone 'Sith Lightning' like powers is cool in my book. :)


8: Annihilator Beam


Seen in: Metroid Prime 2; Echoes


The Annihilator Beam is a beam weapon that combines dark energy and light energy into one blast. Samus acquires it after defeating Quadraxis in the Ing Hive.


I really like this beam because it is really effective against most of the enemies you encounter in Echoes. Its single shots automatically home in on enemies without you having to lock onto them, which I think makes it really cool. But I think the best thing about is that you can shoot the Light Crystals in the game with it to turn them into Super Crystals, which causes Ing who aren't possessing any creatures to run straight into the light produced by the crystal, killing them instantly. It's one of the best weapons in Echoes, and the only reason its not higher on my list is because its charged shot isn't useful as a single shot IMO. (The charged shots don't home like the single shots, and they only really just stun an enemy if it doesn't kill it.)


7: Nova Beam


Seen in: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption


The Nova Beam is Samus's final beam weapon she finds in Corruption. It fires high frequency energy shots that can pass through surfaces made of Phazite. Samus finds this weapon on the Pirate Homeworld.


I like this beam for a number of reasons. One, it keeps the abilities of the previous beams Samus acquired in the game. Two, it's shots are green, which is my favorite color. Third, and most importantly, it allows you to kill some of the harder enemies in the game a lot easier. Namely the Phazon Metroid and Metroid Hatchers. Using the Nova Beam with the X-Ray Visor allows you to zoom in on certain foe's weak spots and kill them with one uncharged shot, which is something not a lot of beams in the Metroid Franchise can do. Sadly, you get it towards the end of the game, which doesn't give you a lot of time with it. But I still think that it's a really cool beam that I would love to see in a future game.


6: Ice Beam


Seen in: Metroid, Metroid 2: Return of Samus, Super Metroid, briefly in Metroid Fusion, Metroid: Zero Mission, Metroid Prime, and Metroid: Other M


The Ice Beam is one of Samus's more common beam weapons, seen in the majority of the Metroid games.


The Ice Beam does what one thinks it would do; it freezes your enemy. What makes it such an important weapon in the Metroid franchise, however, is the fact that it is one of the most, if not the most, effective weapons to use on Metroids. Yes, other weapons like Missiles, Power Bombs, and Charged Dark Beam shots work on them too, but Ice Beam was the original weapon needed to take out the game's namesakes. Plus, its fun to encase your foe in ice before blasting them into pieces with a missile. :P


5: Phazon Beam


Seen in: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, End of Metroid Prime


Arguably one of the most powerful beams Samus has ever used in the Metroid franchise, this is a weapon where Samus fires shots of Phazon-infused energy at a foe. She briefly obtains it at the end of Metroid Prime by entering pools of Phazon to energize her suit with this substance. In Corruption, she enters Hypermode with the PED suit to acquire access to the beam. It should be noted that in Corruption, the beam is called the Hyper Beam. It is not to be confused with the Hyper Beam Samus uses against Mother Brain at the end of Super Metroid.


Anyways, this is one of my favorite beams because of just how powerful it is. There are not a lot of enemies that can survive more than a few blasts of this beam. And its charged shot in Corruption looks amazing as well. Plus, you get it really early in Corruption, so you can use a lot in the game. If Phazon ever returns to the franchise, maybe Samus can wield this beam once more.


4: Imperialist


Seen in: Metroid Prime Hunters


Like I said before, Hunters has some of the most unique beams in the game. And the Imperialist is my favorite out of all of them. It is a weapon used by the Bounty Hunter Trace that can fire a long-range laser that can cause massive damage to a foe. Samus acquires it on Arcterra.


The Imperialist is really the only sniping weapon Samus has ever used in the Metroid franchise. Yes, the Nova Beam kind of had a 'sniping' function, but you need the X-Ray Visor to use it and it only worked on certain enemies. The Imperialist comes with its own Targeting Reticule, which allows the user to zoom in on any foe to snipe them from a distance, usually killing them in one shot. I like it a lot because it's really is the only actual sniping weapon Samus has used in any Metroid title, and I would love to see it or a beam weapon like it used in a future game.


3: Power Beam


Seen in: Every Metroid Game in Existence


The Power Beam is Samus's default beam weapon. It just fires regular energy blasts at enemies. Samus starts every Metroid game with it.


While not the strongest beam Samus has ever used, it is definitely the most common. It's a beam that can be useful throughout some of the Metroid games, particularly in Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Plus, it has great rapid fire, which passes on to the other beams Samus acquires or reactivates in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion, Metroid: Zero Mission, and Metroid: Other M. I don't know what Samus would do without this beam.


2: Wave Beam


Seen in: Metroid, Super Metroid, Metroid Prime, Metroid: Zero Mission, and Metroid: Other M


There are two versions of this beam. The Wave Beam from Metroid Prime is an electric beam found in Phendrana Drifts that homes in on foes when Samus locks onto them. A charged shot paralyzes enemies that it hits. In the other games, the Wave Beam allows your shots to pass through walls and give increased damage to shots if the game has beam stacking.


While both versions of the game are cool, my favorite version, and the version making it on this list, is the Metroid Prime Wave Beam. It is found in the Chapel of the Elders after defeating four Baby Sheegoths and one Adult Sheegoth.


I really like this beam because of its ability to paralyze foes with its charged shot. It makes taking out Space Pirates and Shadow Pirates a lot easier, especially since the shots home when Samus is locked onto them. It also stays useful through the game, especially after you get the Thermal Visor. And it just looks cool because its purple! :P


1: Plasma Beam


Seen in: Metroid 2: Return of Samus, Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion, Metroid: Other M, Metroid: Zero Mission, Metroid Prime, and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


Like the Wave Beam, there are two versions of this beam. In Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, it fires superheated plasma at your foes. In the other games, it allows your shots to pass through multiple enemies.


Again, I like both versions. But I like the Prime version just a bit more.


In Metroid Prime, The Plasma Beam is one of the strongest beams you obtain, second to only the Phazon Beam you get at the very end of the game. You acquire it in Plasma Processing in Magmoor Caverns. Many regular enemies can be killed with just one charged shot of this beam, including Metroids and Hunter Metroids. And if they survive, the blasts cause them burn damage. So you could just fire a couple shot at a foe and just wait for them to burn to death.


The beam gets in better in Corruption. In this game, you acquire it by defeating Bounty Hunter Ghor on the Main Docking Bay in Skytown, Elysia. While the beam is not as strong as it is in Prime, the Plasma Beam in Corruption does have a faster rate of power thanks to it stacking with the Power Beam and an increased range. Also, you can use it to fix broken circuitry throughout the planets in the game. And it still burns enemies when you shoot them.


The Beam looks great in both games. You can see the power it has with every shot you take. Plus, I like one shot killing foes with charged Plasma Beams blasts, especially in Prime. And having the ability to fix circuits in Corruption is a really cool upgrade to the beam that just make it all the more useful.


Overall, this is a great beam in both Prime games, which is why it is my favorite Beam Weapon in the Metroid Franchise. B-)


Here are some honorable mentions for Beam Weapons that I think are cool, but not in my top ten list.



Dark Beam

Light Beam

Omega Cannon

Hyper Beam


What do you all think of my list? Do you agree with my choices? And what are some of your favorite beam weapons in Metroid?


Thanks to everyone that reads this. Please let me know if there is anything you think I can do to improve any future lists I make.


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Was expecting Plasma on top, was not disappointed


*Looks at current name*


*Looks at Dark Beam in honorable mentions*




- :burnmad:

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Fun facts: the Phazon Beam is capable of one-hit-killing the Parasite Queen if you cheat. The only other ways to one-hit-kill a boss in the Prime Trilogy are sequence breaking to use a Power Bomb on the Boost Guardian, and the mentioned X-ray + Nova Beam combo on the Metroid Hatchers.



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Fun facts: the Phazon Beam is capable of one-hit-killing the Parasite Queen if you cheat. The only other ways to one-hit-kill a boss in the Prime Trilogy are sequence breaking to use a Power Bomb on the Boost Guardian, and the mentioned X-ray + Nova Beam combo on the Metroid Hatchers.




Erm, I once screwed around outside the map to get Power Bombs early*, and I feel like there are a lot more bosses than just the Boost Guardian that they can one-shot


Edit: *had this as "first" but I think I actually had up to Space Jump Boots? Been a while


- :burnmad:

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