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Shirt Planning Time

Brappy Hour



I know it's late, I know I haven't posted in a while, and I know that little to no one will read this. I just want to put it out there.


I'm planning this years shirts for BrickFair. It's 2016, so I was hoping to make a fun Piraka "The Gang Is On The Loose" theme. But whenever I make a shirt that doesn't have Tahu on it. It's really hard to sell. Even Takanuva.

So I'm guessing people are gonna want some kind of Tahu Uniter theme, or whatever. That's just me being cynical.


If you read this and have a solid and helpful opinion, please let me know what you think.

Thank you for reading.

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Yeah, I echoed Takuma Nuva here.


A Piraka shirt sounds awesome. I know I would want to pick up one (Probably from leftover stock though since I will likely not be at any events this year.).


- JMJ 2016

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Man, the 2013 Takanuva shirt was great! No idea why it was hard to sell.


I don't know if I'd be anywhere near as interested in a Piraka T-shirt though. I did enjoy that era of Bionicle and it inspired quite a bit of art from me, but I don't really have a whole lot of nostalgia for it. It just doesn't stand up nearly as well in hindsight as some other years. 2007 is a different matter, since in spite of its faults it had some sets and stories that I'm still quite fond of today.


I can't really think of any 2006 or 2016 imagery I'd totally like to see on a shirt, to be honest. And doing something for the 15th anniversary of Bionicle 2001 wouldn't make much sense since we just had a very nostalgic design last year. Maybe somebody else will be able to offer some better suggestions.

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The Piraka design sounds awesome! Those big grins still give me the creeps--imagine having one (or six) on a t-shirt!

There's so many options--the teeth, the spines, the weapons... I'm sure you'll get some great submissions.

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The Takanuva one is my second favorite after the blue Mata masks one (2011?).  I wear it all the time.


I can't guarantee that I would buy a Piraka shirt, simply because money.  I would buy a Piraka shirt over another Tahu one, though.

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Hakaan with his eyes and teeth glowing in a black, shadowy background would be nice. Perhaps even imagery with the left side (from a viewer's point) being the right side of Hakaan's face and the right side (our view, again) being the left side of Tahu's Unity Mask of Fire, with "2006 - 2016" at the bottom could do the job.

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