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The Crystaling



A new season is upon us. That didn't take too long, did it?


Reformed villain #.. Actually, I gave up trying to keep count


Always good to start with some Spike


Also what's up with her hair?


New song maybe?


So they added Starlight and that's all. How have they managed to keep this same song for six seasons?


Pinkie Pie, still as annoying as ever




At first I thought she meant a literal ant


I hate babies. And kids


lol Spike


Winter Wrap Up time


Crystal Empire episodes are among the most boring of the show


If they know anything about their home, they should be able to figure it out


There's never been a baby alicorn in Equestria, and when they find out there is one they're not surprised?


They'll probably just ask Starburst or whatever his name is




When you really think about it, it's pretty silly that this show has such a large following


He failed magic school


A little predictable


Those two are pretty useless


Wait, where are their parents? They're not going to see their granddaughter's crystaling?


How's that for a Winter Wrap Up?


There we go


Oh yeah, I forgot they haven't ever spoke before


What's wrong with his aunt?


Top kek


I dunno. This show has really lost it's touch. It's too different now. Oh well, whatever. 2.7/10

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I dunno, I really liked this premier. As a college dropout with a lot of expectations on my shoulders, great difficulty relating to old friends, and a goatee, I can relate to Sunburst on a very personal level.

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