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I've come to my senses

Scanty Demon


I've denied it for too long, but after some enlightenment from a fellow BZPer I understand the truth now. I want to make a formal apology. You know who you are fellow BZPer. I used to think negatively of you. I thought you were a passive aggressive jerk. I used to believe you were so full of it. You always talked about how much more civilized you were compared to others how you "matured" as you said. I believed you were wrong, so very wrong but kept silent. But now I understand why. Knowing this has changed my worldview. What is this vital piece of knowledge I denied for so long you ask? Well I will share it with you...













































Lizard men do run the world


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Only because Eagles are turning People into Horses.


(They got to our leaders first)


(Also the Lizardmen are safe.)



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