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BZPower T-shirt Contest 2016!

Brappy Hour





Welcome friends, to the 2016 BZP t-shirt contest! It's been 10 years since these baddies made the scene with their rubber spines, light up eyes, and glow in the dark chompers! They even kidnapped a rock band. (Yeah I remember that)

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of these powerful foes, the Piraka will be the theme of this years BrickFair shirts.

Whether it be a serious tone or a comedic/sarcastic take. All ideas and designs are welcome.


Rules: Your design must be a simple design, one color, and must be medium sized. A previous winner and decent example is linked here. https://farm9.static...757ed1131_b.jpg

Your design must also be black on a clear white background. This makes it easier for the screen printing process.


You may post your entries in this thread, and have until the end of May to submit your design.


The Prize: The maker of the winning design will receive a free T-Shirt!



The winning design will be chosen through a voting process of the members of BZP.

Colors will be suggested and chosen by the members as well.



Feel free to ask any questions if needed.

That's all for now. Have fun, and good luck!

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Side note, when is the BZPower Wet T-shirt Contest?




I'm asking for a friend.


Are you volunteering to be a contestant?

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I have ideas but am encountering a pretty big issue... I can't draw. :P


Hope to see some cool entries this year. (And maybe get a shirt if they don't all sell out at BrickFair...)



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By clear white background do you mean an actual white background or a transparent background...?


Most likely a transparent background. In other words, make sure that your entry pic is in .png format.

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I feel like I should warn you. This is a large design, and the transition in size may hinder the detail of the image.

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In order to fully appreciate this last minute entry, please watch this video first:



Thank you. Now that we have properly set the mood, I hereby submit my entry into the 2016 T-Shirt Design Contest here in the final hours of the final day. As always, thanks for hosting this cool opportunity and I wish the best of luck to all the participants!


2016 T-Shirt Design Entry = https://flic.kr/p/HHFfaX

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