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McDonald's Shenanigans



It's been over a month since I started working at McDonalds, and it's been going well. I seem to be doing better than some of the kids that work there. I've also been living with a friend, and I'm really excited to move into my own apartment. It'll be fantastic to finally have a space for my cat, and to once again have my own room. Getting sick and tired of living in other people's places. :dozingoff:


But personal space issues aside, living with the roommate is overall a lot of fun. You know those Monopoly cards that McDonalds does every year? Most of them are the collectible properties, but some are free food. Well, my roommate eats at McDonads a lot, and saved up seven cards for free medium fries...So we did the obvious thing and redeemed all seven at once. And a diet coke of course.


L9WMVNq.jpg dBpKH3M.jpg


2/10 do not recommend. That pretty quickly began to taste like just a heap of salt and starch.

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