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Metroid List: My Top Five Metroid Power Suits

Toa Smoke Monster



I've stated that I was going to be making a few lists for some of my favorite things in the Metroid Franchise a couple months back to celebrate its 30th anniversary this year. I've already made a list of my Top Ten Favorite Metroid Beams to start this off back in February. But it has been awhile since I've made my next list. Now it's time to change that, and I'm going to do that by listing my five favorite Metroid Suits.


As with my Favortie Metroid Beams list, this is strictly my opinion, and my opinion alone, on these suits.


And here we go. B-)


5: Gravity Suit


Featured in: Metroid, Metroid: Zero Mission, Super Metroid, Metroid: Fusion, and Metroid Prime


One of Samus's more common suits, the Gravity Suit is a suit upgrade that allows Samus to move freely through fluids as if they were made of air. And with the exception of Metroid Prime, it allows Samus to move through lava without taking damage as well. It also reduces the amount of damage Samus takes when she is hit by an enemy. Samus either finds his upgrade in an area or defeats a boss to obtain it.


This suit turns a lot of Samus's suit purple, which is a color that I've come to like a lot over the last couple of years. It also flows really well with the red and yellow color scheme Samus already has when she normally gets this upgrade. Plus, in Metroid Prime alone, the suit turns the green parts of Samus's suit blue. And while I like green more, the blue looks good on her suit as well. Overall, its a neat color change to the Power Suit that gives Samus more shielding and explore more environments unhindered, which makes it really cool IMO.


4: Fusion Suit


Featured in: Metroid Fusion, Metroid Prime (when both it and Metroid Fusion are connected with a Gamecube Game Boy Advance Cable after beating Prime once)


The Fusion Suit is Samus's altered Power Suit after being infected by the X Parasite. It functioned very similar to her regular suit, with a couple exceptions. It was lighter than regular suit, allowing her to grip onto ledges without needing the Power Grip upgrade. She is left with this suit after doctors surgically remove most of her Power Suit in an attempt to save her life after being infected by the X Parasite


This is arguably one of Samus's more unique suits that she's ever worn. Just from looking at you, you can tell that its a suit that has been drastically altered into what it is. It's a suit that standouts in the Metroid series, even when you reclaim the Varia and Gravity suits in the game. That is why I like it a lot. Plus, having the ability to use it in Metroid Prime, even though it just a re-skin in that game, is pretty cool too. Overall its a great looking suit that I wouldn't find seeing again in a future Metroid game.


3: Varia Suit


Featured in: Every Metroid Game in existence


The Varia Suit is probably the suit most people would recognize, as it is the suit Samus is seen in the most. She starts out with it in the Metroid Prime games, but she has to find it in the others. (With the exception of Other M, where she just reactivates it in that game.) The suit itself protects Samus's from extreme temperatures of both heat and cold, as well as reduces damage done to her by enemies. In Metroid 2: Return of Samus, the suit also increases her speed by 10%.


As the Power Beam is to Samus's beam weapons, so is the Varia Suit to her suits. It is a well known suit that Samus will most likely continue to use in any future installments of the franchise. The suit itself looks great, as it blends a red, yellow, and orange color scheme together really well. Overall, its a great suit to start off a Metroid game, and one that I want to continue to see in the future.


2: Light Suit


Featured in: Metroid Prime 2: Echoes


The Light Suit is the final suit upgrade Samus receives in Echoes. It is a fusion of Chozo and Luminoth technology that protects Samus for the dangerous air of Dark Aether as well as allow her to travel through the Dark Water in that dimension without taking damage. It also allows her to travel on Light Shafts, which were beams of light that connected the four temples on Light Aether. She is given this suit by U-Mos after restoring the planetary energy to the three main temples of Aether.


I really love the unique look of this suit. Like the regular Power Suit or Fusion Suit, it looks to have a lighter appearance (no pun intended) than her normal suit. Plus, having the ability to travel on beams of light is really cool. (Eat your heart out, Takanuva. :P) But I think the best part about this suit is its ability to finally let you travel Dark Aether without taking damage. It felt amazing to finally be able to explore that dimension and only have the enemies damage you.


1: Dark Suit


Featured in: Metroid Prime 2: Echoes


The Dark Suit is Samus's first suit upgrade in Echoes. It is a suit created by the Luminoth that reduces the damage caused by Dark Aether's atmosphere by 80% It also protects Samus from dark vapor that is vented out by ingclaws. Samus obtains this suit after she defeats Amorbis in Dark Agon Wastes.


While the Light Suit is better than the Dark Suit function wise, the Dark Suit learns the number one spot on my list because of just how cool it looks. This suit just looks amazing IMO. It gives the Power suit a color scheme similar to that of the Phazon Suit, but it doesn't just look like a recolor of the suit. (Hints why that suit isn't in my top five.) It also adds some cool little details to the suit, like small red dots found all over the suit or her shoulder spheres being more linear than on the Varia Suit. Plus the way that armor looks with its red, gray, and black color scheme is really cool too. Overall, this is just a cool looking suit IMO, and I can't help but place it at number one on my list.


Honorable Mentions:


Phazon Suit.

PED Suit

Hazard Suit

Zero Suit


So what is your favorite Metroid suit and why?


Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed my list. :)



Recommended Comments

I think the Light Suit was my favorite of all of them. I always liked the color scheme and the design. :)


... not to mention that it made walking through the Dark World -much- easier.

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what is the hazard suit even from?


And I have to say the Fusion suit is my #1...if only because Fusion was my first game. It looks cool, too. All weird and organic and pulsing.

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what is the hazard suit even from?


And I have to say the Fusion suit is my #1...if only because Fusion was my first game. It looks cool, too. All weird and organic and pulsing.

The Hazard Suit is from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It basically added Varia Suit-style spheres to Samus's shoulders, just more details on them. Plus it added something to her back. It was also called Hazard Armor, I believe.


And Metroid Fusion was my first Metroid game too. :)

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