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BEST EVER: Preliminary!




The following characters have been guaranteed entry:


#1- Samus (Metroid)

#2- Okabe Rintaro (Steins;Gate)

#3- Elma (Xenoblade)

#4- Lucina (Fire Emblem)

#5- Papyrus (Undertale)

#6- Morrigan (Dragon Age)

#7- Professor Layton (Professor Layton)

#8- Mario (Super Mario)


These leaves us with 36 characters, of whom only 16 will get to advance into the voting proper, rounding out the roster at 24.


You get three votes to assign as you like; divide them up or pile them on! Here are the remaining characters:


1-Narrator (Stanley Parable)

2-Shulk (Xenoblade)

3-Chell (Portal)

4-Emmy Altava (Professor Layton)

5-Link (Legend of Zelda)

6-Nathan Drake (Uncharted)

7-Red (Transistor)

8-Bayonetta (Bayonetta)

9-Melia (Xenoblade)

10-Batman (Batman: Arkham)

11-Preston Garvey (Fallout)

12-AWACS SkyEye (AceCombat)

13-Viktor Reznoz (Call of Duty)

14-Master Riku (Kingdom Hearts)

15-Master Aqua (Kingdom Hearts)

16-R’tas Vadumee (Halo)

17-Waluigi (Super Mario)

18-Lego Batman (Lego Batman)

19-Bastion (Overwatch)

20-Kaden (Fire Emblem)

21-Proto Man (Mega Man)

22-Selkie (Fire Emblem)

23-Solaire of Astor (Dark Souls)

24-Leo (Fire Emblem)

25-Ringabel (Bravely Default)

26-Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight)

27-Kirby (Kirby)

28-Ezlo (Legend of Zelda)

29-Lucas (Mother/Earthbound)

30-Ghost (Destiny)

31-Cayde-6 (Destiny)

32-Undyne (Undertale)

33-Doom Guy (Doom)

34-Subject Delta (Bioshock)

35-Dante (DMC)

36-Captain Falcon (F-Zero)


I'll start it off with 2 votes on Nathan Drake, and 1 vote on the Narrator.

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Recommended Comments

Two votes shall go to Solaire of Astora (Dark Souls)

and one shall go to... Heck Subject Delta (Bioshock)

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