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Which Set Should I Build First?

Toa Smoke Monster



So I have three unbuilt sets currently sitting in my room. One is the General Grievous constraction set, which I got back in September. The other two are the Tahu Uniter set and the Darth Vader constraction set, both which I got back in March. I haven't build any of these sets due to a combination of work, doing various stuff online, playing Pokemon: Omega Ruby, and me just being lazy. :P


But now with the Ekimu titan and Umarak the Destroyer sets coming out soon, I figured I better build the sets I already have before getting new ones. And since I have a couple days off next week, I thought I could at least get one of them built during that time. An I think it would be fun to put it to a vote from my fellow BZP members to see which one I built first.


This vote will go until Tuesday, as that is one of my days off next week. Everyone can cast one vote, which they do so by leaving a comment in this entry. I'll tally the score as the votes are casted and keep it updated here. I will say that I personally would be fine if building any one of these first. I am just curious to see which one would get the most votes if I put it to one. And so here we are. :P


Now vote away!


General Grievous: 2

Darth Vader: 1

Tahu Uniter: 3



Recommended Comments

1/3 of each in a big mish-mash

That would be interesting, I will admit. :P



1/3 of each in a big mish-mash


Perhaps this, or perhaps Tahu.


So I guess I put you down for Tahu. :)

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