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E3 Day 2-3




I was a bit disappointed in what Microsoft brought to the table in terms of games and software, but I really like the crossplay thing they're going to do. I'm still not a huge fan of digital games for consoles but it really doesn't seem like there's a point anymore. and being able to play the same games on my PC will be nice. But I have to wonder, if all of their first party games are going to PC and most third party ones are already there, why should I buy a console from them? The custom controllers are also kinda cool.


I'm really liking what I'm seeing from the new Zelda game, It looks to have some interesting mechanics that should be fun to mess around with. I'll definitely be buying it. I'm still really curious about their new console though. I wish they'd give us something meaningful on it but oh well, it'll happen eventually I suppose.






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