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Design Color Voting

Brappy Hour


Alright. There were a few suggestions, so let's get the voting started. We need to get this over with, so I can get these tees printed.


Before we vote. I want to stress that I get these shirts made at a local screen printing business, and they may not have the exact color paint of the winning design. I'll do the best with I've got, and I thank you for your understanding.


Here are the choices of the color of the design, and the shirt it will be printed on. >LINK<


#1: Gold on Green


#2: Gold on Dark Green


#3: Dark Green on Light Gray


#4: Sand Green on Dark Green


That's all of them, please choose wisely. These shirts will be worn by all your fellow members at BrickFair. Show support for your colors, and encourage others to give their votes and input as well. You have 1 week.


Have a lovely day.


P.S. Would the BZP staff like their own colored version like previous years? please comment if you would.


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