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New Pokemon from Sun/Moon Revealed

Toa Smoke Monster


So seven new Pokemon from Sun and Moon, who were leaked early online, were confirmed to be real today. Each one has a video that was released to confirm that they're going to be in the game. The following are these videos and my thoughts on the Pokemon themselves.



Probably the Pokemon that has been talked about the most since these seven were revealed. I've seen some people say that it looks like a cross between a Pikachu and Togepi, though I personally think it looks more like a cross between a Pikachu and a Qwilfish thanks its its spikes. Still, I think it looks cool enough.



This one is my favorite out of the reveals. I love how this Pokemon looks. Hopefully it will have some good stats and/or abilities so it will be good to use on a team.



I kind of get a vibe that this Pokemon is one of those Bug types you find towards the beginning of the game that is useful early in your adventure but its stats don't keep up with it as the game goes on. But who knows, I could be wrong on that. Plus, I think it looks cool, so that's something.



Interesting enough, Bruxish's video actually shows off its ability, while the others only show their respective Pokemon using a move on an opponent. It's ability appears to stop priority moves, which could be useful in the right circumstances. Time will tell to see if this ability is the only good thing about it, or if it has more to offer.



This Pokemon reminds me of a dragon with an old dog's face. When it comes to designs, this Pokemon definitely isn't my favorite out of this new bunch. But it could still be a good Pokemon to use. Time will tell on that as well.



This Pokemon just may have the most accurate name I've seen a Pokemon have. :P It looks like a cross between a Fletching and a bumblebee IMO. I could see this Pokemon being a flying/bug type or flying/electric. Either way, it is really cute.




This one is probably my second favorite out of the bunch. I love the spaceship look it has. It gives me a Metroid or Starfox vibe. :)


So these are the seven new Pokemon revealed today. Which one is your favorite and least favorite?

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I'm still laughing at Drampa.  But Normal/Dragon sounds like an interesting type.


Togedemaru is the obligatory Pikachu we all knew was coming, can't say I really care that much.


Charjabug looks...odd, but I actually really like Vikavolt, so I might be catching one just to evolve it.


Cutiefly is pretty cute (obviously), but I don't see myself using it.


Bruxish...I'm not really sure what to say, I'm just unsettled I guess.


As for Tapu Koko, I'm SO glad we get to see it so soon!  The footage from E3 mentioned it fairly ominously, and I'm really hoping it'll have a huge myth role.  Typing and ability both look interesting, and I like it's appearance too--a little reminiscent of Gallade perhaps, but I don't consider that a bad thing.  Since it seems to be plot important, I wonder...maybe we'll get a free one the same way ORAS gave us the Latis?  We can hope!


Something else in the video, apparently Zygarde 50% now has Swarm Change instead of Aura Break?  Does this mean the Zygarde we caught in Gen VI can't form change at all and we're gonna need to catch a new one?  That'd be a little annoying.

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I'm a little surprised they're apparently keeping Togedemaru's name. One would think they'd change it to Sonichu or whatever in the process of localization.


I like most of the new mons tho. Probably the new Pokemon I've liked most overall so far, though still I don't think any really jump out at me too much at this point.

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I'm actually kind of sad that Tapu Koko is a legendary.  He would've been a nice addition to my team.  As it stands, I don't know if I'll end up using any of these because it's all going to depend on what they evolve into.  Vikavolt seems like an obvious choice for some good type coverage, but almost too obvious.  I think Togederramu would make for an interesting challenge, especially if there are any Ground Type gyms.

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