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Irresponsible Children Wielding Magic Keys

Pahrak Model ZX


The NA version of Unchained just got to the point where the story really gets started!


…And most people are upset that the new character, known in Japan as Ephemera, is now being called Ephemer in the translation.




What baffles me more is that a few missions before that they show your character sleeping and don’t bother changing their outfit at all. I wear a jetpack. I was lying in my bed wearing a jetpack that flared to life every few seconds. How did my bed not catch on fire? I am appalled that they would portray me as so irresponsible, everyone knows to take their jetpack off before they go to bed!


Also the player character actually speaks briefly, which is almost as rare as Link or any Pokemon protagonist speaking. This is also far more interesting than the letter A.


And it looks like I should actually be able to afford this week’s special 10 Medal deal, which guarantees several high-tier Medals and gets you 3 free Cid Medals! Combined with the reset Coliseum, I should be able to reduce cost on Three Wishes just enough to evolve HD Aqua! Hopefully I’ll get some good Reversed and Speed Medals. Or a good Reversed Speed Medal.


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I misread the title as "Irresponsible Chicken Wielding Magic Keys" and was quite distressed for a minute

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You fool, you've spoiled the connection between Tapu Koko and Klefki that my uncle at Nintendo said was crucial to the plot of Sun and Moon!

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