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Why the Bring Back Bionicle Club failed



I'm sure a lot of older BZP members expected me to come back and crack it when Bionicle was announced to end AGAIN. I feel that now is as good a time as ever to let rip about what I really feel about the end result.


When Bionicle came back last year as a hard reboot, I actually felt the Bring Back Bionicle Club FAILED in its mission. I don't know about the rest of you, but I was campaigning for a continuation/soft reboot, and opposed a hard reboot. A successful campaign in my eyes would've meant a continuation or soft reboot that lasted at least a year and a half. The hard reboot met that minimum threshold, but aside from Skrall-sized skeletons and a couple of legendary masks it was a flop from the start simply because it was a hard reboot.


Naturally I'd love to see the original Bionicle come back, and I know it can be done because of how Greg Farshtey left the story, allowing for an easy soft reboot on Spherus Magna with little to no connections to the original story, but the short-lived hard reboot we got is making me lose faith that that will ever happen. Of course, I will still call for it every chance I get because that's just who I am, and I know the original Bionicle still has a lot of untapped potential, especially now that everyone has just moved to Spherus Magna. Starting a new story on Spherus Magna with the old canon would not only have attracted new fans, but also kept the old ones like me.


That said, the Masks of Creation and Control were awesome, and so were the Skrall-sized skeletons of 2015, something else I had wanted to see. But that was it.


Where does that leave the Bring Back Bionicle Club? Even I don't know. I got the year and a half of extra sets I sought even if the reboot was a disappointment, but I know the original Bionicle can do more, so there is still the option of firing it back up. Any other movement to bring back the original Bionicle will be supported eagerly.


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