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Thoughts on Suicide Squad

Toa Smoke Monster


And here we have DC's third movie in it's connected universe. While I did think it was better than Batman vs. Superman, I do think it had some problems. Here are some of the pros and cons of Suicide Squad IMO.


Warning, in the following I will talk about some spoilers about the movie, which is why its in spoiler tags. Read at your own risk.



1. Like I said, I do think this move was better than BvS. Maybe that's because the characters motivations are a little simpler for the plot. The basis is 'do what we want you to do, and you will get time off your sentences or other benefits from helping us.' It's a simple way to help give the characters some motivations to help out on the team. They also put a miniature bomb inside their heads and tell them that if they step out of line while on a mission, they can kill them with a press of a button. So there's that too.


2. The majority of the characters get some good screen time, thought the main characters of the cast are definitely Deadshot and Harley Quinn. Killer Croc, Diablo, and Boomerang get their moments too, though Diablo is really the only one who gets a backstory out these three. All of these characters get a cool introduction at the beginning of the movie, each explaining their powers is explained and how they were caught. It's kind of like the line up scene in Guardians of the Galaxy, and it works well enough.


And then there is Rick Flag, the man in charge of the team. He is a cool character and has some good scenes with the other characters. But probably the best character out of all of them is Amanda Waller. She is stone cold character who will kill you if you cross her. She is definitely one of the best characters in the film.


3. But there are some characters that just get the short end of the story stick. The one who gets it worst is Slipknot. He is probably in the movie for less than ten minutes in real time. Seriously. And all they do with him is introduce him with one line of dialogue, have him go into the city with the team, try to escape because Boomerang suggested that they should do that, actually try to escape, and then get killed by Flag setting off the bomb inside his head. I'm not too upset with this because I don't know anything about the character, but to just use him as a way to prove that the bombs inside the Squad were real still kind of feels off to me. I bet fans who like the character in the comics probably weren't happy about it either.


Then there is Katana. While she at least gets some actions scenes and a little bit of a backstory, I still kind of think she was a minor character only here to help Flag control the team. Like Slipknot, she doesn't even get a proper introduction. She just gets on the helicopter that the team is on to go to the city at the last minute and is introduced with a couple lines of dialogue as well. They even say she has a sword that takes the souls of the people slain by it, yet this power is never used in the story. It's just stated as one of Katana's weapons powers.


But the character who I feel gets really underused is the Joker. Don't get me wrong, he does gets some interesting scenes in the movie. Especially since he had a hand in what turned Harley Quinn into who she is. But his role in the story is basically 'get Harley out of jail.' That's it. That's really all he tries to do in the movie. Plus, I feel like this version of the Joker was a little too 'sane,' for lack of a better word. I never got that 'crazy genius' vibe that I've gotten from the Joker in The Dark Knight or the animated series. I know that this could be because they wanted to show a different version of the Joker, and that's fine. I just wished that they did more with him.


4. Now to the villain of the movie, The Enchantress. While she is a cool character IMO and her backstory is explained, her appearance into the DC Universe introduces the concept of people and/or beings having magic-based abilities. While this itself isn't a problem, the way its introduced here is sort of out of the blue. Its like its saying 'Oh yeah, people have magical powers in our world.' Of course, I know that the character is actually possessed by a witch and that gives her these powers. And again, I don't personally have a problem with this being in DC movies. But I do think its sort of weird that it was introduced here in Suicide Squad, and that its introduction sort of came out of nowhere.


But regardless, she is the villain of the movie. She ends up freeing her brother and together, they start building a machine that will help them rule the world again as they did thousands of years ago. She turns people into monsters that obey her by kissing them. They even show a scene where they line up people for her to kiss to change them. I guess that's what she did while taking a break from building her machine. :P


5. While the movie's action scenes are entertaining, I think the best scenes in the movie are with the characters just talking to each other. The best scene that shows this is the bar scene. It's just the characters sitting down and talking. I liked that scene a lot. Also, any scene with Amanda Waller was good too, as she owned every scene she was in.


6. The story for Suicide Squad works well enough. I wouldn't say that its the best story ever, but it decent for what it is. I do wish that the mission the Squad went on wouldn't have been a 'save the world' mission though. I think it would've been cooler to see them go on a simpler mission where they had to save someone or retrieve something from somewhere dangerous. Kind of like what they did with Amanda Waller in the movie, but minus the world ending event going on in the city. I think that this could've led to some funner interactions between the characters and could've just led into a really fun movie. But for what we did get, its good enough.


7. Here's something I never thought I would complain about in a movie. I think that it used too many songs throughout its run. Normally I like it when movies use songs to help make their scene more entertaining, but I feel that concept was overused a bit here. The worst of it is towards the beginning of the movie, where there are three songs played back to back to back. For once, I actually wanted a movie to stop using songs, so I guess that's one new feeling I got out of seeing this movie.


8. There were also times when characters did things that felt out of character for them IMO. For example, back to the bar scene, Flag comes in smashes the device that could set off the bombs in the Squad's heads and tells them that they are free. (He did this because Amanda had been captured by The Enchantress's brother, and he thought she was a goner.) Boomerang immediately runs out the door to freedom. But when the team decides to take the fight to the Enchantress anyways, he rejoins them with no explanation for the change of heart. (And he doesn't get awarded for it at the end either.) And honestly, at that point of the movie, almost none of the characters had an established reason to continue on the mission except for Flag and Deadshot, but they all go anyways. I know its for the plot, but I wish that they had been given more of a reason to continue on in the fight after Flag freed them.


But the character who actually did the most 'out of character' action in the movie was Amanda Waller. For most of the movie, she is a intimidating person, one that knew how to keep people in line. However, she is presented as someone who would personally get her hands dirty, at least not on purpose. But when the Squad comes in to rescue her and her five or so FBI agents from the attack on the city, she shoots all the FBI agents and kills them! She does this because she claims that they don't have clearance to know about the Suicide Squad, but it feels completely out of character for her to do the killing herself. Especially since the agents were innocent people.


9. I guess I should mention that Rick Flag and the woman processed by The Enchantress, June Moon, are in a relationship in this movie. But nothing really happens with it other than it giving a reason for Flag to take on The Enchantress and save June. It's not given any time to develop into anything more than that.


I think I've gone on long enough about this movie. :P Overall, this is an entertaining movie. It does have its flaws, especially with some characters feeling underused and some of them doing things that feel out of character for them. But I still enjoyed the movie for what it was and I'm glad that I saw it.


What did you guys think of the Suicide Squad?



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I'd like to add that the first third-or-so of the movie is Waller eating dinner while giving us a dossier montage of each character.


And then we get introduced to them again in the prison.


And the first bit of Actual Plot doesn't happen until, like, the first hour mark.


And boomerang guy only gets one boomerang joke. Which is also the only time the boomerang is relevant.

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:kaukau: I thought that it was good, but it had some serious pacing issues.  I think that the editing needed to be "punchier," for lack of a better word.  They had a really exotic style in the very beginning, and I was hoping that they would carry that out throughout the film and go all-out, having as much fun as possible.


Other than that, I read the comics and I was fairly satisfied with how they depicted the characters.  Although you're right: Harley Quinn and Joker seem eccentric rather than truly insane, and the insanity is the most important part of their characters.  I'm assuming that we'll see a different side of this Joker once we get a film with Batman as his foil.



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Even though all the reviews are not kind to this movie, I am still going to pay money to see it as soon as I can. I've been wanting a villain-centric comic book movie for a long time now, and I am looking forward to watching this to form my own opinion.

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