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Totally Not Late and Very Super Comprehensive Summary of BrickFair (& Knuckles)



At first I was gonna try and write comedic, but the blag title takes care of that. Rather, I'll just be thankful again for something like BrickFair.


After so many years of BrickFair-ing, facilitated by a site like this, you realize just how lucky it all is. Being able to see friends once a year yet feel like you only said goodbye last month, being able to meet individuals who have at times been moderators and deity-like heroes, or members and usernames, and be reminded again that they are first and foremost real and wonderful and silly people. Being able to host panels and film Vines and geek out over the same toy and laugh through tears at obvious jokes and hug through tears at saying goodbye... and somehow be certain that come a year you'll be reliving much of this?


Seriously, BrickFair is so special to me and many others I can keep saying why I love it. I'd much rather thank BZP, the Staff, the members, the lurkers, the MOCing people, the writers, the creators, the audience, and honestly anyone who has done something for BZP to keep existing and therefore the Staff and members to have reason to return and therefore BrickFair to keep happening and therefore creating smiles and memories for so many of us.


If you ever get the chance, try to come to BrickFair and find the joy that has meant so much for many of us.


(What's that? No, I'm not crying, you're crying.)

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I have totes not cried way too many times this past week about BrickFair being over and all of my friends being gone, nope, not at all.

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