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How to Improve your Facebook Timeline



Hello friends.


If you're anything like me, you use Facebook for three things:


1) To stalk people (let's be real, that's why the website exists)

2) To stay in the loop

3) To message people


Notice how "read stupid articles and dank memes" was not on that list?



For quite some time now, I've been getting pretty sick of seeing dumb posts on Facebook. "So and So shared this dumb article on veganism", "What's her Face was tagged by a friend in this poorly made Vine", "Oh look, another post shared from a Facebook page for octogenarians". I could go on.


This is ridiculous. I don't want to see any of this junk. But I also don't want to fall out of the loop on important issues.


So what do I do?


At the top right of every Facebook post, there is a drop down menu. If you click it, you can see the option to Hide All From X. This will still keep your friend's vacation pics, status updates, and relationship announcements, but hide any and all future garbage from that source that they might decide to share with you. I've been doing this for about a week now and my Facebook feed is much less terrible to go through.





But wait, you said it doesn't hide status updates! What do I do if my friend keeps posting racist, sexist, homophobic, climate change denying posts?


If that's the case, I think you just have a terrible friend. This is much harder to fix in a democracy with free speech. Vote for SPIRIT as dictator for life.

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:kaukau: Burnmad beat me to it.  I deactivated my account.  I spent way too much time stalking old friends that I don't get to spend time with anymore, and it basically became emotional pornography.  My emotional health (and my productivity) went up when I left the website.



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I don't go on Facebook that often, but when I do, I laugh at my brother's stupid shared pics.

:kaukau: I read that comment in the voice of the most interesting man in the world.



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