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So I started another movie spoof...



The Jazziest JtO Spoof



Yep, I said to myself. "SPIRIT, m'boy, it's high time you write this thing. Bionicle may be dead, but the people need you one last time!"


Then I got very busy in real life.


Then I caught a cold.



So uh... chapter 2 is half done and will be released... soon... ish... *blows nose and downs more cold medication*




Here's an excerpt:


(Flashback to 2014...)


President Lego: So that's the plan. We're bringing back Bionicle next year. Are you in?


Pohatu: I am so totally in! What would Bionicle be without the bestselling Toa of all time?


President Lego: :superfunny: Bestselling Toa? Oh wow, you're actually serious. Yikes.


Pohatu: :(


President Lego: Look, just drop off your bio on Merlin's desk and wait for us to send you the script.


Pohatu: Aw man, I've gotta spice up my bio. Now what's cool, tough, and exciting? Hmm... I've got it. Australian Batman. I am a genius. No one will be upset by this at all. :)

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