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Deathstroke Teaser

Toa Smoke Monster




Well, look what got released earlier today.


Batman himself Ben Affleck released this short teaser of this DC fan favorite character on his Twitter account this morning. While there isn't that much to talk about, it is cool to see him here and I imagine this means he'll show up in the Justice League at some point.


I admit, my excitement for that movie has gone up a little since watching this. I just hope the character is properly portrayed in it.

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nah, suicide squad was their third chance to do something right and they failed again


i'm pretty done with the dceu

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They're saying now that he's actually going to be in Ben Affleck's Batman movie, not Justice League. Which is for the best, since he's too good of a villain to be used as a secondary character. 


Deathstroke has always been one of my favorite DC villains, back from when he was just Slade on the Teen Titans animated series to being the best villain Arrow ever had. I'm looking forward to seeing how Affleck handles him.

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