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Thoughts on Latest Pokemon Sun/Moon Reveals (9/6/2016)

Toa Smoke Monster




And yet more info on Pokemon Sun and Moon has been revealed visa another video. At this rate, we'll know everything about the games by the time they come out. :P


But anyways, here is what I think about what was revealed in the latest video:


1. The new Pokemon look interesting, but their not the most exciting Pokemon revealed for these games IMO. Null looks cool, but I think its strange that its just a Normal type. Based on its design, I would've thought that it was part Ghost or Dark type, or maybe even part Steel type. But it still looks good IMO. Jangmo-o looks sort of average compared to some of the other Pokemon revealed though, but I bet it evolves into something neat.


2. I also like how Alohan Raticate looks, even though its stuffed cheeks make it look like its about to throw up. :P


3. The Aether Foundation looks to be a neat organization. I guess they will help you out with taking down Team Skull.


4. It looks like Zygarde will be one of the Legendary Pokemon you get in the game. I guess this makes Sun and Moon the unofficial Pokemon Z game. :P But joking aside, going on a hunt for cells and cores could add somewhat of a Metroid vibe to the game, with going around and collecting items and all. It could be fun if executed right.


5. It also appears these games will be the unofficial Pokemon Snap 2 that people have wanted. :) I wonder if they added it into this game because one can also take pictures of Pokemon in Pokemon Go? Probably not, but it wouldn't surprise me if that were the case.


6. Ultra Beasts are introduced here. I'm not sure exactly what they are, but the video states that they are a threat. This makes me think Team Skull has something to do with them.


7. I saved what I think is the biggest reveal of the video for last, in that Sun and Moon will be set 12 hours apart from each other. This means that while Sun will play in daylight when its actually daylight, Moon will be at night during the day and day during the night. (Assuming that your 3DS is at the correct time, of course.) Because of this, certain events will be different between the games.


While I'm cool with events being different, I'm not sure how I feel about Moon being at night when its actually daytime. I guess it makes sense, since the game is called 'Pokemon Moon.' But I kind of wish it would be daytime when its actually daytime. And I know that one could just change the clock on their 3DS to adjust this. But if they are playing another game that has events going on in it that are affected by the clock, it could mess up things for those playing those games. But this is just a nitpick of mine. I'm leaning more towards getting Sun anyways, so I guess this won't affect me that much.


These are my thoughts on the latest info revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon. What do you guys think of it?


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I'm kind of surprised that Null doesn't have Protean as its ability, as I think it would really fit the idea of an amalgam Pokemon. I think the design is really cool though, so I'm totally catching one for my team (and naming it Kevin, because it looks like a Kevin).


I'm really hoping that the Ultra Beasts turn out to be some new form of boss fights, because since they're not technically Pokemon, they could break from the Pokemon formula, like with more than four moves or new strategies that would require an entire team to take down.


The day/night shift is very interesting, and I think it will help the two versions stand apart, especially if wild Pokemon vary with the time. I'm planning on getting Moon, so it will take some getting used to.

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