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BrickCon 2016




Is anyone going?


The attendees list is conspicuously empty of mentions of the regulars.


This has me greatly concerned.





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I'm leaning against going this year. Last year was rough on me, plus I've got another potential LEGO event that weekend and I've accepted a contingent job offer for a gig originally scheduled to start that Monday. I'm still thinking of myself as a "maybe", but it's pretty likely to fall through.


Let me know who you round up, though - I'd like to remove the "(tentative)" next to BrickCon on the BioniLUG site.

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Let me know who you round up, though

I never said I was going. :P


Given how significant a factor the social aspect is in my con attendance, the current forecasted BZP turnout, and the ludicrous quantity of academic writing I have to do this semester, I think I'll probably skip this one.


I am suitably ashamed of myself.



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