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Toa Smoke Monster



So I got on Twitter this morning and learned that today is apparently Batman Day. I don't think its an official day, but I still think it's cool that The Dark Knight has a day named after him.


To celebrate this occasion, I'm going to post some Batman related videos in this blog entry that I think all fans of The Dark Knight will like. Here we go.


First off, here is a

. I've watched this video a few times since I found it, and I think that it does a better job of presenting this speech then the The Killing Joke movie that came out this past summer.


Next, we have the Extended

. I didn't show this show as much as I should have back when it was on TV, but I still know this song and think that its really cool.


And finally, here is

(Don't watch this one if you haven't seen it, as it contains spoilers.) It's a great ending to one of the best Batman movies ever made.


As a bonus, here is a

I discovered awhile ago and already posted in this blog about, but wanted to bring it up again here because of this particular day.


Yep, that's all I got for this. Happy Batman Day, everyone! B-)


As for a conversation starter, what is your favorite Batman related scene or event from the Batman movies, comics, and/or TV shows?



Recommended Comments

:kaukau: Superman is better.  What's that?  Batman fans are up in arms to attack me?  I have just one thing to say to that: "Save Martha."


(Snyder's Superman sucks, though)



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