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Thoughts on Logan Trailer #1

Toa Smoke Monster




Well, here is a trailer I wasn't expecting to see so soon. :)


I really like this trailer. Just based on it, it looks like the movie will have a more emotional weight to it than the previous solo Wolverine movies. As it should, since this is Hugh Jackman's last time to play the character. Here are my thoughts on it.


1. I think one of the biggest lines of the trailer is Logan saying that Mutants are gone. That is interesting IMO because it mirrors what's going on with the mutants somewhat in the Marvel Comics. That is, Mutants are becoming extinct thanks to a pathogen related to the Inhumans, from what I understand. Though I don't think Inhumans have anything to do with the apparent extinction of Mutants here, I do find it interesting that the story of the movie would go in that direction. That, or Mutants have just gotten really good at finding from the world, and Logan doesn't know that. :P


2. You can definitely tell this movie is based in the future, just based on how old both Logan and Charles look alone. I wouldn't be surprised if one or both of them die in this. I just hope that if that happens, they'll get a proper send off.


3. I guess we'll still not get an explanation for how Logan got his metal claws back after the events of The Wolverine. He had them back in Days of Future Past, and he has them here too. I know it's not the biggest plot point in Logan's story. But I would at least like a mention of how he got them back.


4. The villain is shown in only a couple of shots, though you can tell he has a case of the Skywalkers regarding his hand. (Bad joke, sorry. :P)


5. And then there is the girl. Charles says that she is a lot like Logan. A LOT like him. Maybe she is a Mutant with powers similar to his? The trailer doesn't really go into detail on this, but I wouldn't expect it to as this is the first trailer. I look forward to learning more about her.


6. Johnny Cash's cover of 'Hurt' is used in this trailer. And boy does it fit with the tone of it. This is how you use a song in a movie trailer. (Looking at you, Assassin's Creed.)


I should mention that this is the green band trailer. There is a Red Band Trailer, though the only scene it has that isn't in this one is Logan stabbing a guy with his claws through his skull. Other than that, they are identical trailers.


Overall, this trailer has succeeded in getting me excited for this movie. I look forward to seeing it when it comes out in March. B-)


So what do you guys think of this trailer?



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I didn't know Marvel was going to make the next The Last Of Us


Wait what? this is an original concept?

I've been seeing people make that comparison. I can see where people are coming from with it, but if Logan's story is anywhere near as good as the one in The Last of Us, I will be happy with it. :)

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