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Thoughts on Transformers: The Last Knight Teaser Trailer

Toa Smoke Monster



Yep, another one of these is coming out next summer.


And Michael Bay directed it, so expect tons of explosions. :P


Joking aside, I actually think this is a decent trailer. I don't like the song that plays in it though, particularly with the singer and the way his voice sounds in this. But having Anthony Hopkins do a voice over for it is cool IMO. Plus it's ending is good too. Seeing Bumblebee take on Optimus Prime could be very interesting, if the build up to it is done right. Who knows, maybe one of them won't make it out of this one.


Overall, I'm not as excited to see this next year as I am Guardians 2, Logan, Spider-Man, and other movies, and this trailer doesn't really help to raise my interest in it. That being said, I've always gone to see these movies for their action scenes, because I think this Transformers franchise actually has some really cool action sequences. Especially in Dark of the Moon and Age of Extinction. So I'll probably will end up seeing this, just to see what crazy action scenes will be in it. B-)


What do you guys think of this trailer? Will you be seeing The Last Knight? And do you think that this franchise needed a fifth movie?


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Am I the only one that sees Unicron there? Because I see Unicron.


People seem to be divided on that; could be Unicron, but it might also be what's left of Cybertron after DOTM (though how Cybertron would get back to Earth is another question)

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I will be seeing this movie the same way I watched Dark Side Of The Moon: With a flask and drinking for every:


• AMERICA! moment.

• Explosion/mass destruction

• Objectifying shot of a woman.


It makes the movie much more fun!

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