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Eagle Scout Project Update




I finally finished it.


It took a year and four months, but it's finally been completed.


Originally, my project consisted of installing ramps, platforms, tunnels, shade structures, potable water sources, planting trees, and installing new pet waste stations (courtesy of DOGIPOT). The completed project was much refined based on the amount of volunteers I could muster and the resources available. The shade structures and potable water sources were the first to go; the shade structures wouldn't be able to be delivered to the park and would be too complicated/revenue consuming to work in my project and there was no way potable water could be piped into the park. The trees didn't happen because the park is very particular about the trees planted and never gave me a list of the trees they would like in the park. In the end, the pet stations were installed, as well as the ramps, platforms, and tunnels. To make up for the trees, I refurbished the benches in the dog park. I've received an immense amount of positive feedback from the park, who's seen an increase in usage, and from the dog community here in Naples, Italy.


I also had to delay my project six months for a work permit to be pushed through.




That it turns out I didn't even need.


Anyways here are some pictures of the completed project, to be honest I'm incredibly happy and relieved to have it finished. Now that it's out of the way, I just have to face my Board of Review (I've finished all of my paperwork, merit badges, and had my Scoutmaster Conference). Hopefully I can get this all done before the end of 2016...


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